Tattoo protestors should grow up

Personally, I do not care what the reason(s) are for persecuting Walla Walla Police Officer Nat Small over his tattoo, which he has made abundantly clear that it has no racial connotations.

Leave Officer Small and his tattoo alone. Can’t they get their heads wrapped around the fact that yesterday’s Nazi nightmare is over and is a sad thing of the past and see that today things have changed and carry different meanings than before?

We will proudly, and with a grateful heart for his military service, keep Officer Small on the police force. He served protesters bravely in the Marines so they could have the right to persecute him over his memorial tattoo to his fallen comrade and friend.

I would hope that the powers that be in the city of Walla Walla and the Police Department would stand firmly with Officer Small regardless of a threat of a lawsuit.

Officer Small should stand strong. Personally, as a former soldier myself, I’m proud of him, his tattoo and for his military service to our country. My sincere condolences for the loss of a dear friend and comrade. I’m also sorry that our fair city has shamefully and wrongly persecuted him.

Officer Small should not resign from the police force. There are probably more of us than not, who want him behind that badge protecting our town. They just haven’t all come forth yet.

Debbie Adamson

Walla Walla