I have had the great pleasure of meeting and being a client of Peter Swant. When I visited homes with him, I felt 100 percent certain that he was consistently working for what was best for me. Never did I feel like I was making a deal or furthering his cause.

 Since then I have had the great pleasure of attending functions as a guest at his home. This is when I saw a continuation of his great level of consideration. Peter never stopped organizing, working, orchestrating every detail to make sure each guest felt at home and had all their needs met.

He is a hard working, gracious and thoughtful man. Having seen his great character both professionally and personally, makes it very clear to me that Walla Walla County would only benefit by having him serve as Port of Walla Walla commissioner.

  Walla Walla is the town so nice they named it twice. I can’t think of a candidate who would work harder, work longer and bend over backwards to make visitors and prospective businesses feel comfortable making Walla Walla their home. His experience as the incumbent Port commissioner will continue to grow this community with jobs, education and opportunities for all and continue to make Walla Walla the home we all love so dearly.

 Aaron Martin

 Walla Walla

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