On behalf of nearly 6,000 students, 800 employees and our five-member Board of Directors, I would like to express our appreciation to our community for its overwhelming support for Walla Walla Public Schools’ Feb. 11 Replacement Education Levy. This vote of confidence continues a 50-year legacy of levy support.

Approval of the levy ensures continuation of the critical programs, opportunities and experiences for our students. Music, arts, honors classes, athletics and enhanced safety measures are just a few examples of how local levies fill in the gaps not funded by state dollars.

Not only was the election night’s levy approval rating the highest in 26 years in Walla Walla, it was also the strongest approval rating statewide for All DISTRICTS of similar size and larger, setting the highest of bar for some 145 enrichment levy votes that were on the ballot statewide.

This overwhelming community support is a testament to our collective success and momentum, reaffirming what recent surveys, indicators and student accomplishments continue to reveal.

We are on the right track with a bright future ahead for Walla Walla students and staff alike. I am both proud and humbled to serve as your superintendent.

I’m blessed with an awesome opportunity to work with some of the finest students, educators, support staff and leaders in the state. My colleagues, the School Board and I are grateful for your support and do not take your trusted investment for granted.

Through our ongoing efforts towards maximizing transparency and fiscal accountability, we will continue our pragmatic approach to leverage the critical levy resources you have entrusted with us. We will follow through with our promises by allocating resources precisely towards the programs and opportunities we said we would fund.

We appreciate all for your support, encouragement and trust as you continue to help us spark the imagination, passion and futures for thousands of our students. Together, we will achieve our vision of developing Washington’s most sought-after graduates!

Wade Smith


Walla Walla Public Schools