I first wrote a letter endorsing Steve Moss’ candidacy for City Council in 2015 and feel even more strongly now about his dedication and appropriateness for this position. I regret that I have since moved out of the city and cannot vote for him but I carefully follow Council action and call the Walla Walla Valley home as I have for over 40 years.

Steve’s impeccable integrity moves his actions. He is a deep thinker and an extremely thoughtful decision maker. He does all the homework ... and then some. His 35 years of non-profit management, with staff exceeding 50 and budgets in the millions of dollars, required a talented, business-savvy, diligent leader — he excelled, Blue Mountain Action Council flourished, and still does. He remains on the cutting edge of the complicated housing and community development issues facing us today.  

Steve’s approach is one of careful listening and compassionate consideration with outcomes that comply as closely as possible with community values and common requirements while serving all Walla Walla residents. Steve’s continuity of leadership, diligence and devoted service to his neighbors deserve your vote.

Cindy Widmer

College Place