I am writing to encourage fellow citizens to take advantage of the cooling weather and spend time outside.

As a member of the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council for three years, I understand how the city works to provide safe and convenient paths and sidewalks that promote non-vehicle transportation. The BPAC reports to the City Council. Members volunteer their time to assist and advise the city in creating a safe environment for all, including our differently-abled friends.

 Earlier this year in June, Summer Parkways — Walla Walla in Motion was a fun event promoting outside non-vehicle activity. It was supported by many of our community organizations, was well attended and enjoyed by the community.

The parks are beautiful, downtown is vibrant with fun shopping and eateries and our neighborhoods are quiet and charming.

I often take a walk to the city cemetery for a quiet reprieve. Beautiful trees and comfortable walking/riding paths are easily accessed from Howard Street. Once there, much of Walla Walla’s history unfolds.

Spending time outside offers a trifecta of benefits; fresh air is good for the body and soul, meeting and greeting new friends (real people, not those on a small screen) builds community and less carbon is Earth friendly.

Happy autumn and see you outside!

Frances Chvatal

Walla Walla


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