The attack ads by Washington Realtors against Bill Jenkin illustrates what happens if an elected representative fails to vote the way a powerful, well-funded special-interest group would like.

For anyone interested in the facts, no doubt Bill would be happy to tell you why he refused to bow down to this special-interest group.

Until then, check out the source of the ads and you’ll find them under scrutiny for violation of public disclosure rules. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover other interesting facts — like none of the sponsors are in the 16th Legislative District!

You’ll also find they have deep pockets — so far raising close to $120,000 to try to defeat a candidate who did not vote as they wanted.

The attack ads are an example of folks who did not get their way so they are willing to spend a great deal of money in an attempt to get someone elected who will be more pliable. That should tell you a great deal about those paying for those mass mailings and TV and radio attack ads.

Jim Davison