Thinkers have long pondered the will to power and the sway it has over human behavior.

We are currently witnessing how, for the sake of power, humans will betray conscience, codes of conduct and morality, and even their own professed religious beliefs.

Everyone has a conscience; it is the voice within of whatever higher self or power we may believe in. So everyone knows deceit and denial and conspiracy and collusion and good old fashioned cheating when they see it.

But for the sake of keeping their jobs, congressional Republicans ignore obvious wrongdoing — and thus their consciences — and contort their defensive explanations into pretzels of illogic that would be laughable if this wasn’t so serious and sad.

Congressional Republicans ignore their sacred oath to the Constitution for the sake of a man who gleefully ignores his own conscience daily and has never read the Constitution.

Perhaps the greatest betrayal is that of evangelical Christians, who for several generations now have strangely decided that conservatism is where they should plant their camp.

They seem to forget that Jesus was a liberal — he cared deeply about the poor and the sick and the weak; he warned of the dangers of wealth; and he was a rebel against established church authority (the power of the day).

Evangelical Christians ignore every red letter in a red-letter Bible — all those inconvenient commandments to love not hate one’s fellow humans (even enemies!), to embrace all types of people, and to live by common decencies like honesty and ethical integrity.

For the sake of a few anti-abortion judges and a supposed war on school prayer, evangelical Christians betray the teachings of their very Savior … for the sake of a most un-Christian man who has no moral code whatsoever.

The current moral cowardice of congressional Republicans is bewildering to behold. They so fear the power of President Trump’s base of disgruntled, under-educated white people, and so desire to maintain the power of their positions, that they will not only allow but defend the complete corruption of the executive branch by a president who defies constitutional constraints every chance he gets.

A more recent thinker once said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” (Jimi Hendrix).

Sounds a little like something Jesus might have said.