I am an old man in my mid 90s, so I have seen a lot of history both national and international. I am a member, in good standing, of the Greatest Generation (World War II fame) so I can view passing history using that time frame as a base line for comparison.  

I think all world societies owe future generations an apology for leaving them our dirty laundry. A short laundry list follows.

The world is a dirty place due to rivers and oceans being polluted by mankind. Example: Plastics in our waterways worldwide, sewage being dumped into rivers.

Today’s unbridled greed will have consequences. Pharmaceutical Companies putting the dollar as their most important objectives rather than servicing the sick. Example: The opioid crisis killing our citizens as well as unreasonable price for their products.  

A worldwide climate malfunction caused by man which could be catastrophic. This is caused by people around the world ignoring scientific fact for financial and political gain.

Our national political system that is broken and driven by dollars from big business and big organizations. Example: The deep pockets of the NRA during elections. They have bought most of our politicians. This is considered legal corruption.

Our elected officials are beholding to and working for the party, not their constituents. Their main objective is to get re-elected by any means.

The country is gun happy! How can a country have so little feeling for human life? The term mass shooting was never in our vocabulary as we grew up in the ‘30s and ‘40s.

We old timers are saddened by the lack of professionalism shown by many businesses and corporations. An example would be newspapers that have duplicity of articles (stories being repeated on the same day or the following issue). As well as publishing stories from afar that have no meaning to the community just to fill space. It appears these newspapers are being run by novices. Our descendants deserve more.

Our present society, on the main, is a “me” society (what’s in it for me). We used to be a “we” society where we worked toward the good of the community and shared with others. Can our kids of the future retrieve that idea?

Probably the greatest political sin is our national debt, which shows no hope of slowing down. This debt is passed from generation to generation with each layer increasing the problem. Our children’s children and so on will have to handle the payback. Is this fair?

We, as a society, will owe an apology to the children of the future for we have allowed this to happen

Bob Freeman

Walla Walla

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