Last month’s letter titled, “Americans love socialism,” seemed ignorant and, when combined with dreadful arrogance — the author claims to speak for the entire country — I’d hope readers felt nothing shy of insulted.

“Willful ignorance” seems too tame a term for the drivel enthusiastically published by the Union-Bulletin.

The author’s beloved “Golden Rule” isn’t what it’s cracked up to be because instead of treating others as one wishes to be treated, the bromide has no qualms with treating others as one wishes to be treated, even if others don’t share one’s preferences.

The author then attempts to back up his ridiculous claim with a verse from the Bible, oddly conveying that Christians ought to respect socialism. What if the reader isn’t religious or practices a religion other than Christianity? Does that mean the reader is unfit to be ordered about by those following the golden rule?

Twice describing capitalism — or those adhering to it — as “predatory,” it’s clear the author knows as much about capitalism as he knows about socialism. Capitalism is nothing but voluntary exchange; socialism verges toward the opposite. Which is predatory, voluntary or involuntary exchange? What’s voluntary about Social Security?

Perhaps the author’s real quarrel is with cronyism, and, if true, I’m in complete agreement. What is cronyism? It’s just socialism by another name, where the government — described by the author as “higher angels” — secures favors for the ‘right’ businesses while hindering the efforts of others.

Murray Rothbard wrote, “Monopoly can be meaningfully defined only as a grant of privilege by the State, and that a monopoly price can be attained only from such a grant. In short, there can be no monopoly or monopoly price on the free market.”

Stated differently: If voluntary exchange is free to flourish, the “robber barons,” whom the author bemoans, cannot exist. Yes, “so many people have been convinced they hate” socialism because of the misery that others had to endure under Lenin and Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Hitler’s national socialism, FDR’s pretentious paternalism, Trump’s tariffs, or any other past and present tyrant who — following the golden rule — believe they know what’s best for others.

Henry Hazlitt defined morality in The Foundations of Morality: “Not the subordination of the ‘individual’ to ‘society,’ but the subordination of immediate objectives to long-term ones.” Anyone who believes otherwise is likely a delusional, ungrateful socialist.

Casey Carlisle

Walla Walla 

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