The letter to the editor of May 18 in support of Walla Walla City Council members attending a reopening rally seems to be misdirected. Everyone wants to get back to work, and by now, everyone would be if not for the slow response from Washington, D.C.

It wasn’t the City Council that was slow. It wasn’t our governor, or any Democratic governor. Actually, governors were the first to act. Want to blame someone? Maybe China? They may have been slow to act, but that would have only given the self-described “chosen one” an additional month to do nothing, while most other countries were already in lockdown mode.

Let’s not forget that 10% to 20% of positive COVID-19 virus tests are asymptomatic. I wonder how many people at the rally had been tested? You have the right to gather and rally, but do you have the right to sicken people?

If you want to rally against close-minded, selfish, anti-community policies, go to the White House and look for the one who was truly born with a silver spoon. Look for the man in the Oval Office who would be over his head in a parking lot mud puddle.

And please leave your red MAGA hat at home, because his new slogan seems to be, Tag ‘em and bag ‘em, and let’s get back to work.

Chris Hansen

 Walla Walla