Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi likes appearing in costumes. Shouldn’t she and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appear as Barbary Pirates on “the shores of Tripoli” demanding tribute.

They act like the Heroes Act (H.R. 6800 passed May 15, 2020) was a strongly-backed mandate. It passed the House 208 to 199 votes and 12 Democrats and 11 Republicans did not vote, so only 48.4% voted for it. It benefits over-spending states with a trillion dollar bailout and a stronger state and local tax deductions.

For nearly five months Pelosi and Schumer have refused to pass any badly needed COVID-19 aid unless the over-spending states get the bailout at the expense of well-run states.

That sure doesn’t “promote the general welfare.” And what states ever said, “We want our debts, laws, and taxes to be like New York’s or California’s.”

Please keep a Republican Senate because if presidential candidate Joe (the public doesn’t need to know) Biden is elected he would approve this bill in a heartbeat.

Don’t use COVID-19 virus management as your election decision maker. The worldwide ranking of the U.S.A. is 8th in deaths per 100,000. We have 149 International Airports that were receiving flights from China to U.S.A. and China to Europe to U.S.A. while we were being told by WHO (World Health Organization) the virus was not transmitted through the air. So we are lucky to not rank first.

Don’t let our federal government make criminals feel empowered to violate by not acting on lower-level crimes, especially at the lower-juvenile level. The death of Tessa Majors (New York Dec. 11, 2019) illustrates how young empowered-feeling violators can be.

During the Justice Brett Kavanaugh conformation hearings, Democratic Ses. Kamal Harris, Diane Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand and others were very heated in saying anyone accused of sexual transgressions should be publicly identified. That’s really needed for some of our 535 federal legislators. Some of them are the owners of 268 personal indiscretions since 1995 (not all are sexual). We were parasitized out of $17 million of taxpayer funds to solve their personal problems, in a hushed-up manner (CNN; politics; Nov 16, 2017).

Since the guilty have remained hidden, senior senators like Joe Biden (senator 1973-2009 and vice president presiding over the Senate 2009-2017) have been doing a good job of sweeping problems under the rug.

Clark H. Derdeyn

Walla Walla,