Curtis Stone, in his letter to the editor published on Feb 3, uses a completely nonproductive line of argument, and he selectively uses FBI statistics that leave an incomplete picture.

His contention that the Democratic Party “will continue to implement incremental gun control … until it finally achieves their ultimate goal of totally disarming the American people” is like saying the Republican Party will continue to incrementally increase public access to weapons until weapons of mass destruction are freely available to everybody.

I’ve never heard a Democrat or a Republican argue for these extremes. Making brash statements about what you believe those you disagree with ultimately want only polarizes people rather than leads to common-sense solutions.

Now I want to address Stone’s reporting of statistics. Stone neglects to report that the FBI report has a large category of weapons labeled “Firearms (type unknown).”

Of the 14,123 murders in the U.S. in 2018, 3,130 were in this unknown firearms category. Also, of the 14,123 murders, the vast majority were committed with firearms (10,265). Compare these numbers with the murders by “hands, fists, feet, etc.” – 672 – and “knives or cutting instruments” – 1,515.

He would have a more compelling argument had he argued that we should pay more attention to handguns, which were the weapons used in 6,603 of the murders, and less attention on assault weapons.

Clarence Anderson

College Place