This letter is in response to Sharon Schiller’s letter regarding her speculation about not wanting Blue Ridge Elementary School closed.

Is this an example of City Council Ward campaigning?

Fact:  The Walla Walla School Board recently embarked on an initial eight-month study that might ultimately include reconfiguring elementary school boundaries and expanding preschool opportunities, but absolutely no decision is even close to being made. In the end, the School Board of Directors may decide not to do anything at all.

Obviously, Ms. Schiller came to the assumption that the School Board would likely move the current K-5 students at Blue Ridge to other sites to make room at that school for more preschool.  

The School Board has developed a comprehensive website that describes its eight-month plan to explore possible consolidation of students to allow for expansion of preschool at a school site, yet to be selected. It can be found at:

I urge citizens of the Walla Walla School District to view this site and stay involved as the School Board does its due diligence on this important topic.  No decisions have been made, and the School Board has identified multiple outreach and stakeholder input opportunities in its planning timeline available on its website.

 I hope citizens do not rely on unsubstantiated rumors but will rely on facts and participate in the opportunities provided by the School Board as they research this important project in our school system.

Lynn Cummins

Walla Walla

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