Eating to live. Changing our physical-health mindset and building our immune systems needs to be done now.

DVDs at our libraries with solutions from nutrition coaches are available. These include Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., Dr. Dean Orinish and a third person who is recovered diabetic roller coaster rider of being fat, sick and nearly dead.

CHIPS (Complete Health Improvement Program) has local lives that have been saved. These dedicated people who follow CHIPS will tell you they do not want to go back to being fat, sick and nearly dead ever again.

Oh darn. But it tasted so good I will eat some more. We are looking like a world of heavy eaters training to be Sumo wrestlers. If it tastes good I’ll eat it. I’ll eat some more.

This is a dietary suicide mindset. Living to eat is killing people due to the complications we are witnessing daily.

COVID-19 opened the door to awareness that education has come late. Good morning world, wake up.

Processed sugar, salt, greased up and fried are too readily available, calorie dense, nothing whole grains, nutrient poor — yuk.

Without fresh enzyme-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, etc. and willingness to get educated we are in trouble.

The health of our heart, blood, lymph, immune system requires nitric oxide for the production of endothelial cells that are critical to function of the whole system.

Good morning world, wake up, get off your behinds and say no to crap processed food. Eat to live. Exercise.

Jean Dolling

Walla Walla