I am very much against the proposed roundabouts on U.S. Highway 12.

I understand it was in 1964 that one of the first proposals was made to build a freeway to Southeastern Washington. Since that time, millions upon millions of dollars have been spent, and the residents of this Valley are hoping that many more millions will be spent on this project.

The last section built brought the freeway directly to Walla Walla because we already had a fairly good freeway through town, and it was expected that we would keep it that way and only improve it as needed.

The whole freeway is not being built just for us. We are important to the freeway, but not that important. People live beyond us, and they want free, fast access also. There is a whole country to the east of us.

Someday, will our grandchildren have to build a bypass to go around Walla Walla?

Think of the intersection of 12th Street and Myra Road where it was built one way and had to be changed with an expenditure of approximately twice the money.

If a road is developed beyond the freeway and there is not a safe way to access it conveniently, a road should be built over or under Highway 12. There does not have to be direct access to the freeway in all cases. There are already enough entrances to the freeway for this size of town.  After going over or under the freeway, access could be gained by going through town until the entrance to the freeway is reached. That is what is done in much larger cities than this one.

Many decisions have been made where only the benefit to the few is considered. I hope this will not be one of them.

 Mary Carlin  

Walla Walla