Ladies and gentlemen: There is only one solution to the chaos in which we are living today and for the control that people want to exhibit over others, and that solution is for all of us to return to the Biblical tenants on which this country was founded.

It is essential for people to realize that we are all in rebellion to the one true God, and that we have violated his laws.

We are in need of one who can help us with our problems, to pay the price for our rebellion, as well as turning our back on the only one true God.

We need one to help us secure our eternity. Jesus Christ is that one. Isaiah 9:6 says: “Unto us is a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders." Please consider reading Apostle John’s epistle in the Bible.

My hope is that everyone who reads this letter will consider what I have written.

Sharon L. Benzel,

Walla Walla