I just acquired my U-B newspaper from the box across the street from my house. It looks like my to-do list needs to include a note to decrease the size of my paper box to accommodate the reduced size of the publication.

Odd that many things that we buy have been reduced in size and kept the same price. Our local paper has been reduced in size and increased in price. Is that because the paper provides local news and it is more expensive to do that? If so, then it might want to consider removing some of the stories about what is happening in Seattle and a few about national issues you think we need to be informed about.

To top off my Friday (July 26), it was a real pleasure to read the latest David Horsey cartoon depicting his ignorance about agriculture. Normally, he just tries to convince all of us local hicks about how correct California is. It is a true blessing that it is using some of our federal tax money to waste on things many of us don’t agree with. A story about how California is coming with its secession from the U.S. idea would certainly be appreciated. I suspect that many wish them the best in accomplishing that objective.

We are all aware of our liberal friends wanting to move our nation toward socialism. However, it appears that successful businesses have become that way by providing a service that their customers want rather than trying to sell something that isn’t desired.

 Those who make decisions about size, stories and price for the U-B might want to reconsider some of their prior determinations. I suspect they might want to start out by realizing that the customer base in this area wants something different from what it might want in the Seattle area.

 Nat Webb

 Walla Walla  

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