The Union-Bulletin is getting into its old back-and-forth printing of negative comebacks to letters, and this is not fair because we only get to have one letter printed a month.

If the person who wrote the rebuttal to my letter printed in May would have read it thoroughly instead of immediately going on and on based on presumptions and accusations (for whatever reason I don’t know), she would realize I was responding to what was printed by a reputable source, and of course, I knew that the decision to close one elementary school in Walla Walla was to be made later, in November of this year; and the final decision is not to be made by me.

I am concerned about the effect it would have on many families. This individual asked if it is a platform for my running for Walla Walla City Council, West Ward. People have their own reasons for running. This is a democracy. We need to be involved with all decisions that are to be made.

I am offended that she would say that I am uninformed, because what I was responding to was what was written in the U-B, both a reporter’s article and the editorial, which are both reliable.   

The proposed closing of one school, namely Blue Ridge, would be an issue for me whether I was a running for Council or not, because I am a “little bit” attached to this part of the city I call home.

The gist of my letter is that we don’t want to have additional families move out — and they would if Blue Ridge were closed. We need to build up a family friendly city, and make it fair throughout.

And I can reason from cause to effect, thank you.

There are so many issues that affect all of us in our city, I wish that we would stay away from the personal negative barbs. My letter was about a general issue, and this individual decided to make the issue about me.

I have been called a lot of things, and that seems to be par for the course. Let me say I don’t appreciate the negative rebuttal letters, when I am limited with my own defense by the U-B rules.

Can we please stick with the issues? There are many. I look forward to talking with many people as a candidate for Walla Walla City Council, Position 5.

Sharon Kay Schiller

Walla Walla

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