I have had the honor to know Walla Walla County commissioner candidate Randal Son and call him “friend” since he first moved to the Walla Walla area well over 40 years ago.  

As the years have gone by, I’ve seen him integrate himself into the community in a variety of roles, all of which have allowed him the opportunity to know people across the economic, social and political spectra. 

When I heard he was running for the position of County Commissioner, I took the time to seek him out and sit down with him to hear his thoughts about what he wants to do for all citizens of the county.

Those who know me know that I tend to identify with a more traditionally pro-business and fiscally conservative philosophy. Despite partisan labeling, Randal Son’s platform policies of sound financial openness, strict budgetary responsibility and, above all, promoting wide and diversified economic growth reflect his personal beliefs, based on his many years of service to the greater county community, reflecting values shared by so many in the county. 

If you look to the state’s political past, his platform reflects the so-called “old school” ideas and values celebrated by such state leaders as Scoop Jackson and Dan Evans. I encourage all voters, regardless of political party identification, to look closely at his platform and ideals before making a choice on who to vote for on Election Day.

I sincerely believe that the overall economic and civic well-being of all of Walla Walla County’s citizens will be finely served by voting for Randal Son for county commissioner on Election Day.

Andrew Niemyer

Walla Walla