Randal Son’s family may not have farmed in this Valley for years; but that does not make him any less qualified to become county commissioner. 

Just for comparison’s sake, consider this. His five-greats grandfather was in Virginia Colony before 1776, and fought with the Colonial Army against the domination of British privilege. Successive generations were in the Missouri Valley before the Louisiana Purchase, pioneer farmers and railroad builders. 

His mother’s side goes back through Texas to Tennessee and the Carolinas; hard working families that helped build, feed and educate this country. His father was stationed in ’43 by the Air Force in Arizona. Randal was born in Arizona, and grew up in Italy, Colorado, Washington D.C., and Missouri.

 He has seen and learned from the world beyond Boise, which makes him value this Valley’s character even more. 

In fact his coming to the Valley and making it his hometown is one of many reasons I support Randal. He has a broad and diversified résumé that can be seen on the web (electrandalson.com). His voluntary work organizing the Walla Walla Working Families Roundtable is an example of his deep concern for everyone. 

The Roundtable allows wage earners to discuss issues facing working families and encourages participation within the community. People in local agriculture will have a friend and advocate in Randal. He has worked in and with farming and food production, with the perception to see that Organic Standards and Farmer’s Markets needed to be developed around the state. 

His personal research into the details of the science of watersheds led him to make connections with an OSU graduate student who will be doing thesis work on Mill Creek. This is a demonstration of Randal’s belief that you should bring something to the table and add value to the community conversation. 

Randal will be a dedicated full time commissioner who will work tirelessly to promote fiscal responsibility, business growth and living wage jobs, open government, crime prevention, long range planning and resource conservation. 

He will earn his taxpayer paid salary every month of the year. Looking forward to the needs of the county will be right down Randal’s alley, he has foresight instead of the opposite. 

Join me in voting for Randal Son — the clear (not fuzzy) choice for county commissioner, District 2. 

Mark Brotherton

Walla Walla