As adjacent property owners to the proposed Herbert Estates subdivision, we are writing to express our concern and vehement disapproval of the project.

The Herbert property at 410/412 Reser Road (between Prospect Point Elementary School and Walla Walla High School) was approved in 2018 for annexation into the city of Walla Walla as a short plat of six new single-family homes on 10,000 square feet lots plus the two existing houses by a Tri-Cities developer.

The developer submitted a revised Application in February of this year as an 11-lot, 20 housing unit plan that has since been amended to 27 new housing units on nine lots (plus two existing houses).

The new application (and subsequent change to 27 new housing units) has taken place with little to no general public disclosure. The scope of the development has gone from six well-spaced, new single-family homes to a subdivision of 27 new housing units (two-story tri-plexes) crammed onto nine small (6,000 square feet) lots that will be just feet from Wa-Hi, Prospect Point Elementary and the Costello Addition property lines.

The application documents are riddled with discrepancies and inaccuracies. Including, but not limited to, documents show differing number of new housing units proposed — 27, 20, 18 depending on the document; incorrect zoning is listed on the plat map; The “Trip Generation Report” — done in February 2020 — shows only three vehicles entering the area during the “Peak AM” time frame.

That’s impossible given Wa-Hi’s primary student parking lot is directly across from the proposed subdivision.

It fails to take into account any of the traffic generated by Prospect Point Elementary or Wa-Hi. More than 300 Wa-Hi students have parking passes, which utilize lots directly across from the proposed subdivision.

Given the specific concerns about the ill-conceived scope and design of the project, coupled with the significant traffic/safety concerns for the elementary and high school students and staff, nearby residents and local commuters, it is unfathomable that the application/project be approved – especially with the numerous inaccuracies and inconsistencies within the application documents.

We urge all citizens to express their concern to the City Development Services Office and City Council members.

Written comments are due no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday. A Zoom public hearing is scheduled for June 18.

Laurie Stroud

Walla Walla