I waded through George Will’s column on fascism (U-B July 12). His apparent conclusion is that Donald Trump and his supporters are fascists.

Fascism is a governmental system with complete control over the citizens’ lives.

The truth is that it is the Democrats that are the fascists. They want complete governmental control and will do anything to get it.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter (the organization) are their brown shirts.

I don’t believe that all Democrats want fascism. But they support leadership that does. Frankly, I think a lot of Democrats see what is happening to their party and will vote Republican in November or just not vote.

In his column, George compares President Trump’s rallies to Hitler’s.

In some ways I can see the similarities. But President Trump does not want total control. His actions demonstrate a wish for people to have freedoms of religion, self-preservation, choice of work and financial independence. The Democrats have already demonstrated a desire to control speech and take away the right to self-defense.

By increasing the welfare and food stamp rolls, they made more people dependent on the government. Democratic governors and mayors have weakened their police. They allowed, and some have encouraged, demonstrators to loot, burn and destroy businesses.

Unlike the Democrat governors and mayors, President Trump believes in law and order.

President Trump believes that having productive jobs gives citizens more independence from government control.

President Trump is not a fascist hawk as was Hitler. He has actually been criticized for not using military force in some cases. He has built up a strong military force to deter attacks from our enemies so we will not have to send the military into battle.

Weakening the military, as Democrats have done in the past, only encourages attacks from our enemies. President Trump is trying to negotiate with our enemies to prevent wars. President Trump is not a fascist.

Victor R. Phillips

Walla Walla