Bart Preecs (April 26 letter to the editor) wrote “hardened experienced national security experts have sworn oaths to protect our country” by providing worldwide threat assessments. I’ve known many security experts during my 28 years with CIA mostly overseas and, like them, have sworn oaths to protect our country.

I salute them all, but Preecs should realize those who write assessments regarding climate are analysts sitting in cubicles, providing questionable data gleaned from politically-biased sources like the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as do staffs of politicians such as Al Gore, Barack Obama, Jay Inslee, et al. I’ve read many annual Threat Assessments including the 80-page 2018 WTA by Director of National Intelligence and by Defense Intelligence Agency. They identify all potential threats and sure, recently there were brief references to potential climate changes — but they rely upon politically-biased sources that do not prove or disprove anthropogenic causes.

Another factor is that military and defense branches are always vying for a piece of the funding pie every fiscal year, so naturally they would add defense against climate change, whether natural or anthropogenic.

Earth’s temperature has risen before when atmospheric CO2 was lower and has dropped when CO2 levels were higher. Association or correlation between temperature and CO2 is not evidence of causation by CO2. The main driver has always been the sun (solar irradiance).

Many graphs depict correlation/causation of temperature increases/decreases. They clearly reflect how over the last 2,000 years solar maximums and orbital eccentricities/precession/obliquity — not CO2 — drive planetary temperature changes including the Roman Warm Period (500 BC-500 AD); Dark Ages Cool Period (500-1000 AD; Medieval Warm Period (1000-1500 AD); Little Ice Age (Maunder and Dalton Minimums, 1500-2000 AD) and a slight ongoing Modern Warm Period from 2000 AD). Climate models mostly ignore these climate swings.

Those targeted by politically-biased mainstream media should suspect claims of “hottest month or year” because a slight warm spike of one or two hundredths of a degree more accurately should be described as “slightly warmer or cooler” than a particular point in the climate record. “Hottest ever” is one of many tricks warmists employ to panic the public into spending tax dollars on a non-problem.

“Global Warming and Cooling evolution of Climate on Earth” by scientists O.G. Sorokhtin, G.V. Chilingar and L.F. Khilyuk is filled with scientific papers (and formulae). Their conclusion is that “the anthropogenic impact on the global atmospheric temperature is negligible.” Thousands of scientists agree.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla   

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