As a regular reader of the Viewpoints page, I understand and applaud the efforts to cover many different points of view.

An important part of this is the choice of the editorial cartoons, which are featured prominently above the letters, and in a long column in the Sunday paper.

Over the past year or so, the overall quality of the cartoons being published has, to put it bluntly, tanked.

On the right wing side of the aisle is a particularly badly drawn cartoon, distributed by the Tribune Content Agency. The author of this grade-school quality enterprise has a scrawl so completely indecipherable that even under magnifying glass I cannot make out even a partial name.

But the puerile content speaks volumes. How about finding a conservative cartoonist with a brain who can actually draw?

On the left side of the aisle is David Horsey. The man can draw, and has at least an intelligible point of view. But his content and focus is on Seattle, not Walla Walla.

Apart from those two, there are a number of innocuous and rather dull contributors who fill out the week. I can only conclude that this is the result of severe cost-cutting, and finding real national talent is out of the U-B’s budget parameters.

That said, how about giving some local high school and college students a chance to contribute? Task them with addressing matters of local importance and avoiding far-right and far-left positions.

We have far too much of that already.

Paul Gregutt