The U-B recently quoted a school official sharing Walla Walla School District's wonderful high graduation rate — 91%. But that is nothing to brag about when our Walla Walla High School's ranking is 128th in the state with a school and district math proficiency of 35% and a school and district reading proficiency of 60%. Wa-Hi itself ranks 7,499 in the nation. This is all according to and based on 2018-19 data.

There are some areas of education that are terribly neglected. Most students cannot read an analog clock. They cannot write enough cursive to be able to sign their own name much less read any of the country’s founding documents, or is that on purpose? Their math skills are so poor that when they take a job in town, they are unable to count change back to a customer. Overall, reading and vocabulary are very poor, and correct grammar is nonexistent. Our students have not been trained in the skills needed for a successful life.

We are poorly served for the high property taxes we pay in our school district.

Ora Rae Ottmar

Walla Walla