Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee in May signed a new law that means Oregonians and other nonresidents will have to start paying Washington’s sales tax starting on July 1.

It’s unfortunate as we have a very high state income tax in Oregon and there are no larger Oregon towns up here by us for shopping.

This new law will definitely hurt Walla Walla. I love Walla Walla so I am sad to see this happen. I imagine Oregon will eventually pass a sales tax for nonresidents shopping in Oregon because of this change.

Save your sales slips starting July 1, and make copies before you turn them in so nothing gets lost. If the amount of sales tax you pay in Washington adds up to $25 or more in a year, you can turn the sales slips in at the end of the year — but you can only turn them in once a year — and get 6.5 percent back for the part that is state tax.

You can’t get the portion of the tax back paid to the city where you shop.

Some people will start making more purchases in Oregon instead. Some people will order more online as things shipped to Oregon will still not have sales tax.

Inslee is counting on only 10 percent of out-of-state customers turning in sales slips. I guess he thinks we’re lazy. Let’s prove him wrong and give the Washington Department of Revenue millions and millions of sales slips to sort through.

Inslee is one of the worst governors Washington state has ever had and I predict he will be the first one knocked out of the 2020 Democratic race for president.

Rebecca Bennington-Geyer


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