If we had heard that word in 2019, we would have no idea what it means. But now, in June 2020, that simple word is so much more than a word.

For some, it means job loss and difficulty paying bills. For the newspaper, it means that there isn’t as much to write about.

Before Coronavirus, there were always plenty of things going on to write about for the newspaper. But now, all of the normal events have been canceled.

I have decided to write today with a suggestion for a newspaper section. As a young person, I enjoy listening to music and talking about it with my friends.

If there was a music section in the newspaper, I know that my friends and other young people my age would read the newspaper, because there would be articles about something that interests them.

For example, if there were articles about new music, or if you spotlighted one singer a day, I know that people my age would read the newspaper a lot more.

Maggie Phelps

College Place