A recent letter to the editor is overflowing with the names of organizations, papers, and a link denying “Anthropogenic Global Warming.”

It’s a well-known strategy: The idea is to overwhelm readers with an overabundance of “respectable-looking science” denying human-caused global warming to cast doubt and confusion about the truth.

The truth is 97 percent of climate scientists believe global warming is human caused. The letter, brimming with impressive-looking citations, recommends the NIPCC and the Heartland Institute as solid sources of climate science repudiating human-caused global warming.

The truth is their “climate science” is utterly spurious. Replete with sleazy tactics like including the names of scientists with solid climatology credentials as deniers of human-caused global warming when in fact they’re not. (A Trump-style ploy.)

Michael Mann, a real climate scientist, says their reports are a “dishonest ‘assessment’ of the science of climate change.” Their bogus “climate science” has been debunked repeatedly.

Then we learn from the letter that those who believe the science of human-caused global warming are engaged in a vast left-wing conspiracy whose aim is “wealth redistribution.” Read: “The Commies Are Coming!”

Utter claptrap. And upside-down and backward: It’s the deniers of human-caused global warming who are truly engaged in “wealth redistribution.”

Like Big Oil, which receives enormous government subsidies and rakes in mind-boggling profits which go to the upper 1 percent — the super rich. Talk about “wealth redistribution!” According to the IMF, current subsidies for fossil fuels amount to $5 trillion per year. Just follow the money. And then the bogus science to protect it.

It’s not easy to visualize how much CO2 humans contribute to the atmosphere. Scientific American (a notorious Commie magazine) recently ran a piece to try to help: Imagine a 2.25 million square mile coniferous forest fire burning every year.

That’s how much CO2 humans have, on average, contributed every year since 1751, the beginning of human industrialization. A forest fire the size of India plus Argentina. Every year! But that’s an average of the human contribution for the last 267 years.

To visualize how much CO2 humans are currently contributing, imagine a forest fire the size of the continent of Africa plus Canada, or around 16 million square miles burning every year.

But, of course, that much CO2 would have no effect. Would it? Just keep flying to Acapulco, driving those Humvees and barbecuing that side of beef. What could go wrong?

Aaron Burgess

Walla Walla