June has been an exciting month for the Moms’ Network. We celebrate our 12th year as an organization in Walla Walla and 9th year as a local nonprofit.

Over 1200 families have joined the Moms’ Network receving a weekly newsletter that invites them to TMN events that include education, networking and local resources. We have always promoted local events, other nonprofits and local resources that will assist them to strengthen their family. You can find us on Facebook or at themomsnetworkww.com But here is a glimpse of what the Moms’ Network has accomplished this month June 1–June 14.

Nine meals were delivered to two families in the Walla Walla Valley who have had a new baby.

One large box of diapers, infant formula and baby girl clothes where delivered to an aunt who has taken custody of her nieces 2-day-old baby so she doesn’t enter the foster care system.

One co-sleeper and preemie baby girl clothes were delivered to a new mom who just was able to go home after staying in the NICU.

Locally donated frozen breast milk was delivered to an aunt who is caring for her 2-day-old nephew whose mom is in the ICU with an infection.

One toddler booster seat was delivered to a family whose son had outgrown their car seat.

One box of preemie baby clothes and diapers were delivered to a new mom for her son.

Six women joined us at the Christian Aid Center to learn more about what resources are available at the local police department

Thirty-plus families joined us at the Monday Morning Coffee at Tietan Park

Thirty-plus families joined us at the Washington Park Splash Pad

We appreciate the Walla Walla community for supporting the Moms’ Network and all that we do. We are excited for the next 12 years!

Beth Swanson

Founder, President

The Moms’ Network

Walla Walla

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