You might be asking who is the perfect person to represent our 16th Legislative District in Olympia?

Mark Klicker is the perfect candidate for such a position. Mark has lived in the Walla Walla Valley his whole life, he knows the local needs and issues and what it takes to keep it on track for success.

With his very own personal experience of what it takes to operate a cattle and wheat farm to managing forest land and orchards, Mark is steeped in the knowledge of agriculture.

He worked for our Washington state Farm Bureau and Monson Fruit Company in lead positions, making all the necessary connections to be a quintessential voice for Eastern Washington.

He has owned his own business and is an experienced Realtor, making it easy for him to know how to fight for business recovery, tax decreases and regulatory reform for our district like no one else could.

Mark has had the necessary experience and connections to legislators for many years, and let’s face it, that makes a world of difference.

Mark will be able to “hit the ground running” when he gets to Olympia, interacting with people he’s known for years and advocating on all our behalf’s. His record of integrity, hard work and constant devotion to our people here is unparalleled.

Mark knows how to bring people together on issues and problem solve, as he is one of the most approachable persons you’ll ever meet.

There will undoubtedly be difficult decisions to make in light of the last months of instability in our state. We need someone with strong convictions and proven leadership to discern what’s best for our district, someone who hears and listens to all its community members.

Renee and I have known Mark for over 40 years, he has a servant's heart for his fellowman, we’ve witnessed countless times that he has quietly helped people in need to better their lives.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to work with Mark you know how genuine he is and his unabashed commitment to every task he’s encountered.

We invite you to look up for yourselves what makes Mark the “real deal” to represent us all in the 16th District at and then help us elect one of the Valley's pioneer family members to this very important office.

Scott Krivoshein

Walla Walla