I hired G. Scott Marinella to join me in my Dayton law firm in 1983. I realized within a few weeks he was a very able, smart, young lawyer who would fit very well into our community.

In the many years we practiced together he has proven this to be true. He was deputy prosecutor while I was the Columbia County prosecutor for 16 years. In addition we had a very diversified practice which included family law, court cases involving many issues, real estate closings, farm leases and estate planning.

We also represented clients such as individuals, businesses, farmers and districts, such as the school, hospital and Port. He gained a breadth of legal experience over time.

He always liked the court room and had a judicial bearing about him. He ran successfully for District Court judge in 2002 and won each election since.

During this time he honed his judicial skills, which include his very thoughtful approach to decision making. He listens well and thoroughly reads all briefs and documents concerning a case before rendering a decision.

He is very fair minded and his goal is to render the proper decision to provide justice based on the law.

In addition to his judicial experience, his greatest attribute is his calm, thoughtful demeanor, especially during times of stressful conflict.

Scott would make a great Superior Court judge. I urge you, as the voters, to support him.

Terry Nealey