The media and liberals are eager to condemn Donald Trump for his politically incorrect words and, most recently, for his private conversation with a man friend about his sexual fantasies with women, which occurred some 11 years ago. 

Trump’s conversation was intended to be private, not hateful, nor did it result in any physical harm, unlike Bill Clinton’s did, which by the way they defended as not material to his job as our president. 

But if they are really that moralistic then why are they silent on Hillary Clinton’s immoral pro-abortion position of killing babies in the womb no matter at what stage in their life? Why are they not also critical of her for the most recent revelations: Of her desire for amnesty and open borders for all to come in without restriction and the fact that for political reasons she admits to having two personalities, one that portrays what is politically correct to get the job and the other that portrays her true beliefs. 

In regard to Trump, lets get real — “he who is without sin cast the first stone!”

His conversation with a male friend about sexual fantasies toward women and by the way, woman’s conversation with women about sexual fantasies about men, have been going on since God put us together. Those comments are generally never intended to be hateful or even communicated to the opposite sex — it’s locker room talk, its men talk or women talk, good or bad it happens and I would suggest that the great majority of our good citizens have experienced such talk in their lifetime to some degree, which in 99 percent of those cases it never affected their jobs nor their respect and love for women or men, as the case may be.

 Notwithstanding, liberals’ desire to eliminate the words “boys” and “girls,” there really is a sexual difference that most of us recognize as a good thing.

Jerry Votendahl  

Walla Walla