My wife and I have been small business owners in the Walla Walla Valley for a combined 76 years and we have appreciated the support of our local community throughout those years. Small businesses success depends on that support, and it frustrates us when local candidates seeking a political office to represent our communities fail to spend their campaign dollars locally.

If they really cared about “serving” us, wouldn’t they shop local?

All of the Republican candidates running for election this year for a county or legislative district position, have ordered their political signs locally; however, the Democratic Party candidates, Danielle Garbe Reser, Frances Chvatal and Carly Coburn, have chosen to purchase their political signs out of town rather than contributing to our local economy. Check for yourself on the state Public Disclosure Commission’s website.

My point is, why back the Democratic Party candidates when they aren’t supporting us?

The support of the local community, is the reason our businesses have survived for all these years.

For the reasons above, and with the direction the Democratic Party has gone, especially in relation to small businesses, we will be supporting the local Republican candidates, such as Perry Dozier, who I’ve known for 40-plus years, and is someone I, or anyone in need of help for small business, can count on.

We will also be supporting Loren Culp for governor, in hopes of bringing common sense back to Washington state government. Please join us!

Larry Olson

Walla Walla