An opinion piece in the April 14, 2023, Union-Bulletin, “Other Views: Report on Afghanistan pullout sugar-coats a Biden-Trump catastrophe,” manages to lay the majority of the blame at Trump’s feet.

Yet an opinion piece from the Aug. 31, 2021,  Wall Street Journal lays out a very different view, “No, Trump Didn’t Force Biden’s Withdrawal."

And the New York Times Sept. 28, 2021, reporting on testimony from Gen. Miley changes the view even more, “Military Officials Say They Urged Biden Against Afghanistan Withdrawal."

The U-B editorials and opinion selections are a constant thumb in the eye to Walla Walla valley conservatives, the majority party. Is the U-B trying to punish Trump supporters?

Over the last three days (April 13-16, 2023) there were seven opinion articles tearing into conservatives over issues near and dear to supporters of the narrativist agenda, and yet not one conservative, or even moderate voice was posted. This is a noticeable pattern.

Many of the opinion pieces in the U-B are hit pieces aimed at conservatives. If a person relied on the UB as their sole source of information, their world view would be very distorted.

Charles Spencer

Walla Walla