I really enjoyed the letter to the editor from Bob Freeman in the Sept. 5 paper. It brought tears to my eyes because everything he said is so true.

 I have said many times that I am so very sorry that we are leaving this world in such a mess for our great-grandchildren. I agree with him and Tom Brokaw that we “older folks” are indeed the Greatest Generation.

 I did not serve in the armed forces during the war as many of my friends did, but I did buck rivets at Boeing in 1944!

 We all went to school or church or just shopping without the possibility of being mowed down by some depraved person with an assault rifle. I just vaguely remember hearing about the NRA — it did not buy the politicians as it does now.

 Let’s wake up and remember the world as it was.

 Jane Samples

Walla Walla

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