Respected anthropologist Ashley Montagu published "The Natural Superiority of Women" in 1953. Almost 70 years and many reprints later, we are fortunate to have a very talented group of women running for election or re-election to public office. U.S. Sen. Patty Murray deserves another term. Natasha Hill would represent us correctly in the U.S. Congress. Marjorie Denton Sanborn for Walla Walla County auditor, Jan Corn for state representative, Michelee Morales for prosecuting attorney, and Danielle Garbe Reser for county commissioner.

There are men and other forces in power who would deny, circumscribe and reduce the rights of women. One of the best ways to prevent that from happening, and in fact to expand the range of rights available to women to the level where they are equal to the rights of man, as Thomas Paine might have put it, is to vote women into public office.

When my mother, a poll worker all her adult life, was born in 1903, women weren’t allowed to vote. The struggle for the vote and women’s rights has come a long way since 1848. Assert your right to vote. Write in Danielle Garbe Reser for county commissioner, clearly the most experienced and qualified candidate.

Charles Potts

Walla Walla