The University of Idaho just stopped providing students and staff with birth control services, including even talking to students about contraception. Why? Because a territorial law prohibiting contraception and abortion passed in 1867 and made inactive by Roe v. Wade has come back to life. Like a zombie.

Now that abortion is illegal in Idaho, the right wing is going after birth control. As in, “You can’t use the pill anymore.”

Where this issue ends up will be largely up to the Idaho Legislature. With its huge Republican majorities, that’s not comforting.

But it underscores the immense importance of all state legislatures in women’s rights. Idaho women are losing their rights at blinding speed. Because of Republican legislators.

Could this happen in Washington and Oregon? Of course, if Republicans controlled the legislatures. Which they could in a red wave election.

So, for those who want to protect women’s rights, it no longer makes sense to vote for any Republican anywhere in Washington for the state legislature. No Republicans anywhere. It’s just too dangerous.

The only sensible choices for the 16th Legislative District are Jan Corn and Jeff Strickler. No matter what they say, Skyler Rude and Mark Klicker can’t and won’t protect women’s rights.

Tim Copeland

Walla Walla