Women age 12 through 51 experience monthly cramps that are caused by a period. It takes both time and money to keep a balanced cycle. Along with that painful “time of the month,” period products are a problem, too.

Pads and tampons take a lot of money each year. A woman gets 12 periods a year, one every month. On average, women spend $20 on a single menstrual cycle, which is about $240 each year for something many women don’t want at all.

The pink tax influences a lot of this. The pink tax is when a product costs more because it's made for females.

Women spend lots of money on menstrual products each year and are constantly complaining about the pains that come with being a woman. Some people believe period products should be free because they take money from more important things, like food and simply keeping a roof over their heads. Sometimes women can’t afford period products at all.

If women were provided a pack of pads or tampons each month for free, it would allow more women to care for themselves and spend their well-deserved money on things other than menstrual products.

Phoebe Glaeser

Pioneer Middle School

Walla Walla