I am so happy and proud that Gabriel Acosta is asking us to vote for him to be our prosecuting attorney. I became acquainted with him over 30 years ago while he was a dorm resident on the campus of Walla Walla College while I was fean of men in Sittner Hall. 

In my 40 years in education, I had the privilege of associating with thousands of students from many backgrounds. There were always some of a level of maturity who rose to the top. Gabriel Acosta was one of those. He had a goal for his life and worked for it.

He has years of experience as a deputy prosecutor. More important, he is a man of integrity, who is bent on fairness and responsibility. He listens to people and applies the law. We are fortunate to have a person of his character willing to be our prosecuting attorney. Join me in voting for Gabriel Acosta.

Walt Meske

Walla Walla