Let me get this right.

We cannot have large weddings. We cannot have large funerals. Retail stores and restaurants are only allowed to be at 25% occupancy. No more parades. Athletic events for our kids are capped at two spectators per athlete. Colleges are still doing hybrid learning. Kids are just getting back to school (sort of).

But hey, let’s have outdoor concerts that will bring at least 5,000 people to Walla Walla in August and September! What are you thinking?

People will all be jam-packed at Veterans Memorial Golf Course’s driving range and the surrounding the area.

You can’t social distance. People will be drinking and eating and masks will be off.

I get that everyone wants to get back to normal (me too), but really Walla Walla. I don’t think this is the time.

We are almost there, but let’s not throw a big party yet that will push us back to Phase 1 again. No thank you.

Marilyn Howard

Walla Walla