I’d like to comment on the density of the proposed Hayden Homes development off of Cottonwood Road. In its advertising, Hayden Homes claims this would be a low-density neighborhood. I grudgingly acknowledge a grain of truth there.

A pile of sardine cans is low-density compared to a stack of thimbles. But that’s the point. Shouldn’t we be planning neighborhoods — that will be around for decades — in terms of context and common sense rather than playing a game of semantics for profit?

A 60-second look at the plat map for the proposed development shows the reality. The development would have large lots around the periphery. And approximately 13 acres would be used for drainage ponds and ditches (aka “parks,” according to Hayden-speak).

Once you pass through the thin outer zone of “gentle rural transition,” brace for impact! Lot sizes shrink to as little as 2,520 square feet.

Overall, more than two-thirds of the lots would be smaller than 9,600 square feet, which is the minimum lot size in surrounding neighborhoods — and the commonsense context for defining the density of this proposed neighborhood. One-hundred sixty-six lots would be less than 7,200 square feet; 86 would be less than 6,000 square feet; and 14 would be less than 3,000 square feet.

This is a low-density, “thoughtfully designed with our existing neighbors in mind” neighborhood, according to Hayden-speak. Thank goodness the company isn’t planning to build a high-density neighborhood!

Kevin Waite

Walla Walla

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