Why is it that almost all the anti-abortion U-B letters to the editor are written by males who just can’t stay away from the subject? The obsessive pontificating of these men is nothing but sexist. If anyone needs a study to prove the point, check out the article in HuffPost (bit.ly/2S9Xp7p) “People Who Are Anti-Abortion Are Also Sexist, Worrying Study Finds” by Nina Bahadur.

I’m not sure who these men think they will influence, which could be said of this letter.

Meanwhile, it might be more humane and moral for all of us to decry the horrible treatment of children whether at the border; in dysfunctional households; as sex or work slaves; in poverty situations they are likely to never escape; and in a country that cripples our children with student debt, unaffordable housing and expensive day care and health care.

Thea York

Walla Walla  

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