In less than two weeks there have been four mass murders that I have heard of —  El Paso, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Gilroy and Orange County, California.

The one in Orange County was reported by USA Today on August 8.

Most likely you would not heard much about the Orange County mass murder because the weapon used was a knife.

We have a momentous problem with lunatics in this country and it’s not going to get any better, in fact, it will continue to get worse.

We have to address the root cause for the mass murders.

Why are so many mass murders happening in America regardless of the weapon used?

Does it have to do with the lack of discipline at home and in schools? The fact that 45 percent of children born are raised with just one parent? The ever increasing violence that we expose children to almost beginning at birth? Is it social media? Is it about the ever shrinking middle class, and ever growing income divide between the superrich and the middle class? Is it that we are no longer the United States, but are in actuality the “Divided States?”

We can blame the weapon used, but unfortunately for all of us the issue is much more complex.

Get rid of all the guns, but if humans want to kill, they will find another way of killing.

 I’m actually bewildered that psychiatrists, psychologists, and social scientists are not writing more editorials and being interviewed by the media much more than they are on the subject of mass murders.

And on the subject of mass murders, I’m not referring to dissecting each individual case, but on the aggregate.

The media and politicians think it’s all about guns and gun laws, and that it has almost nothing to do with the people doing the killing.

Where am I wrong? What am I missing?

Do the professionals who deal with human behavior, psychosis, and society feel that the root cause are guns or do they believe the root cause for the mass murders are the people doing the killing?

If there are any psychiatrists, psychologists, and social scientists who are willing to share their opinions I would sincerely appreciate it.

Obviously, I have my own opinion, but I’m still interested in trying to understand why all the attention is placed on the weapon used and not the killers?

 Richard Strozinsky

  Walla Walla