Friday’s U-B had a story on A2 about a group led by two young people from the Tri-Cities that wants to take down the Christopher Columbus statue from in front of the courthouse.

They say Columbus started the genocide of Native Americans. No. He didn’t even set foot on North American soil, reports The Washington Post.

The genocide of our Native Americans was done by white Anglo-Saxons on their march from Massachusetts to the Pacific as part of Manifest Destiny. See  the second stanza of "America the Beautiful":

“Beautiful for pilgrim feet

“Whose stern impassion'd stress

“A thorough fare for freedom beat

“Across the wilderness.”

The Columbus statue was placed here in 1911 by Italian immigrants as an innocent impulse. They weren’t trying to dominate or out-show anybody. They were merely commemorating their struggle to succeed in America by putting up a statue of a very famous Italian.

If you have to take down Columbus, and I don't think you do, put up a statue of Joe Tachi, or Tony Locati, or Emilio Guglielmelli, or Pasquale Saturno, or any one of hundreds of others whom you are insulting by tearing down the statue — their grandchildren are here.

Leave the statue. Don't vandalize. Don't destroy. Find something constructive to do. Build.

Ed Reading

Walla Walla

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