I’ve read a few articles concerning the homicide of George Martin, and after every article I’m left feeling disconcerted with what seems to be the focus of most of these articles, his past.

Regardless of his criminal history, the fact that he was a victim is what needs to be addressed. Not just once but several times, and law enforcement failed to fulfill their its duty to protect and serve after the first incident.

Is bringing up his criminal background a way to distract the community from the reality of that had the Milton-Freewater Police Department been doing its jobs, Martin wouldn’t have became a homicide victim as well as an assault victim?

Just a few weeks before he was fatally shot,  someone attempted to shoot him in a public place, a place where children, elderly and pretty much most of the town finds themselves at least once during the day since it is a high traffic area. All that was done for him at that point was he was offered a ride home.

So instead of reporting how this victim was known to law enforcement, why don’t we report that law enforcement failed to keep this community's citizens safe on numerous occasions, just as it has failed to do so in the past.

My intent in writing this letter is not to bash MFPD, but to remind people the real tragedy of this situation, and hopefully by bringing awareness to the community's attention it will result in pressure being put on those who swore to protect and serve, remind them the importance in the law enforcement Oath of Honor.

Leanne Buff