In the Feb. 13 Union-Bulletin, a letter from Steve Plucker of Prescott expressed concern that the Historic Lamar cabin was being neglected by Whitman College.

I am writing to allay his concerns and clarify some of the assertions made. First, the cabin has not been neglected.

Second, it is not owned or under the control of Whitman College. And third, the Blue Mountain Community Foundation, which owns the farm is in the process of relocating the cabin to Fort Walla Walla Museum.

There is a long-standing connection with Whitman College, however. James Lamar (a nephew of the brothers) left the farm to charity in his will. He wanted the farm kept in production, the Lamar family name associated with it and that the profits would become scholarships. Half are paid to Whitman College and half to the high school in Weston, Missouri, the Lamars’ home town.

As to the condition of the cabin: Yes, it is fragile. It has been standing for a very long time through all kinds of weather. Over the years, the Community Foundation has done many repairs and maintenance to protect and maintain the cabin. We were relieved to learn that the recent floods did not reach it.

The BMCF Board and staff visited the cabin several times last summer. It was clear that it is time to move it to preserve it.

James Lamar wished it to remain on site if possible. That time has passed. We have worked with Fort Walla Walla Museum about relocating it as soon as possible. It will be furnished with period pieces so that it reflects a pioneer home, and will join the other historic buildings at the Museum on its west side.

The entire project will cost approximately $100,000. The Community Foundation is raising funds for the project and has $45,000 in hand. Each chimney rock and building log or plank will need to be numbered, disassembled, transported and reassembled.

A site has to be prepared at the Museum. Anyone interested in supporting this project whether by donation or in-kind gift should contact me through Gifts can be made to either the Museum or the Community Foundation for this purpose.

We know the Museum is on a tight budget; BMCF has committed to supporting the cabin at the Museum going forward. We are looking forward to its relocation and safety.

Kari Isaacson

Walla Walla