For the past several years, a number of political slogans have been accepted as representing American beliefs.

  It turns out these slogans such as “Drain the Swamp,” “Defend the Border,” “Deep State,” “Make Our Country Great Again,” “Guns don’t kill people, people do” and “Lock her up” all began in European politics.

Right-wing conservative interests in Europe united behind these slogans and challenged their democratic, Pro-NATO governments.

Fortunately, the CIA and the FBI tracked down these slogans and the ideas supporting them and found they originated in the Russian Federation under Putin.

However, the Russians had come to believe the American people would be even more likely then Europeans to accept these slogans and ideas to join a revolt against democratic governments.

 The American people remained unaware of these developments until Southern conservatives held mass marches and demonstrations in favor of gun ownership and their political support from Russia. These rallies were shown on national TV, but left most Americans puzzled by what they meant even when the demonstrators carried signs saying, “Better Russians than Democrats.”

 Only when Maria Butina was arrested and confessed to being a special Russian agent sent to gain favor with the NRA and American gun owners, did these rallies make sense. Butina also used Russian-made political slogans.

The Republican base is now wedded to Russian interests because it has been led to believe American freedoms have been completely destroyed by liberal ideas.

More than one third of all Americans now support these Russian slogans and the American leaders who follow them.

 L. Robert Evans

  College Place


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