Todd Kimball is our best choice to replace Perry Dozier on the Walla Walla County Board of Commissioners. 

Todd was born and raised in a farming family with deep roots in our Valley. He graduated from Whitworth University, attended graduate school at Gonzaga, earned his CPA credentials and has worked in public accounting and wheat farming for most of his adult life. 

Todd knows how to manage organizations and to make financial decisions. He has served on multiple local boards and has learned through his employment and his service in the community about fiscal responsibility, working with and living within budgets, managing personnel matters, negotiating contracts and dealing with legislators. 

Todd is very approachable, gets along well with people, exercises good judgment after appropriate open-minded analysis of situations and will be a quick learner when dealing with matters that come before the Board of Commissioners.

Todd and his wife, Sandy, are the parents of two fine teenage sons. Please join Jacquie and me in voting for Todd Kimball for Walla Walla County Commissioner.

 Dan Roach

 Walla Walla