I served two terms on the Walla Walla County Planning Commission a few years ago. It was during this time our committee was approached for the Thunder Ridge development. Our group found a serious lack of potable water was available for this new subdivision.

Now the Bachtold property is also in the general area of the Thunder Ridge development, so what about the water availability? Do the developers seek water and sewer from the city of Walla Walla (the city that has asked its residents to stop watering our lawns)? Hum, I wonder how they will have water for consumption and fire fighting?

Traffic on Kendall Road at present is a concern. The road is narrow, not well marked (no fog lines) and has many areas where visibility is not all that great. If there is going to be 350 new homes that could account for as many as 700 new cars and trucks using the inadequate Kendall Road. What about bike lanes? Will the county widen Kendall Road to provide bike lanes?

Another concern is spot zoning in Walla Walla County. If this development is approved it will open up a serous problem for our county. More developments will start cropping up all over the county. Where will the next group want to build — out by the Washington State Penitentiary, maybe out by the big water storage on the highway to Dixie, up Mill Creek or some place I haven’t even imagined?

Someone once said “be careful what you wish for” in changing zoning for one will open the flood gate for speculators of land development and our county and the beautiful, productive land will be lost forever.

I urged the governing body to vote no on this proposal.

We do vote and will exercise our right in the next election. Just think about it. Not a threat, but a promise.

FM Stevens

Walla Walla

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