Please do not use “common sense” as a guide to political leadership.

Common sense would have done the following:

• Kept Christopher Columbus at home

• Urged George Washington and Abraham Lincoln not to fight

• Kept us at the mercy of racist slave-owners

• Kept sanitation out of hospitals

• Denied women the vote

• Grounded the Wright brothers

• Allowed Japanese and German fascism to conquer the world

• Kept John F. Kennedy from sending us to the moon

Today it would have us believe the railings of Fox News illusionists who claim that the real issues we face are critical race theory, immigration and the like, in order to return an unhinged would-be autocrat to power. Our real problems need addressing:

• World-wide droughts, wildfires and monster storms

• Falling fish populations

• Loss of oxygen-producing forests

• Oceanic dead zones

• Epidemic diseases

• Unraveling of the international order

So keep “common sense” out of the picture. It is the lowest common denominator of human thought. Everything great we have ever achieved as a people is the result of know-how, courage and hope, not “common sense.”

John Jamison

Walla Walla